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Dr Chana Gabay has owned an independent business for Scientific Medical       Translation for over a decade, and she has been translating and editing

Medical and Scientific documents for over 17 years.

Such as:


  • Clinical research documents (Protocol, Investigator's brochure, ICFs and other documents that are specified for sponsors, investigators, and patients)
  • Academic and research papers as well as documents designated to provide knowledge to the general public in the scientific, medical, and nutrition fields.
  • All kinds of Medical documents, medical opinions, medical records, and medical directions
  • Medical guidance and instruction brochures for products or devices
  • Advertising brochures of medical and cosmetic products
  • Books


All this in a reliable, accurate, and professional manner, thanks to her extensive professional background, as she has earned comprehensive education in the medical field;


     B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Ben Gurion University

     M.Sc. in Biotechnology from the Hebrew University

     Ph.D. in Medical Sciences – Cancer Research, from Hadassah Medical School of      the Hebrew University


She also completed Post Doctorate research and managed research laboratories in the Hebrew University, and completed editing, translation and CRA (clinical research associate) courses.


Chana Gabay is recognized by the Israel translators association (ITA).


The vast knowledge and the professional experience of Chana Gabay over the years, allows her to provide her clients with a complete service as a professional medical translator.    

בינה נט תקשורת ומחשבים
הפריון 4 אזור תעשייה צפוני  אשדוד
נייד: 050-349-777-5 פקס:153-50-349-777-5


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